Monday, January 25, 2010

Motivational Monday

"You must accept that you might fail; then, if you do your best and still don't win, at least you can be satisfied that you've tried. If you don't accept failure as a possibility, you don't set high goals, you don't branch out, you don't try – you don't take the risk."

Rosalynn Carter
Former First Lady and author

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kumon Centers Can Thrive in Tough Economic Times

When families are faced with economic challenges, they are allowed the opportunity to rethink their priorities and reconsider their investments. I believe that investing in their children's education is the greatest no-risk/high-return is the best investment they can make.

It looks like many families feel the same way.

Here is a great article written about a Kumon center in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. I have had the pleasure of chatting with Mauricio via e-mail. He is an amazing and motivated Kumon Instructor. I am so happy his Center is thriving... And also glad to be the owner of my own growing Kumon Center.

By Andrew Knittle, The Norman Transcript
January 23, 2010

Even though a lot of companies are struggling through the recession and just trying to survive, the Kumon Math and Reading Center in Norman -- which opened in the early stages of economic slowdown two years ago -- is actually thriving.

Mauricio Maruri, owner and certified instructor at the learning center, said he believes his business is succeeding because of a void in the Norman market.

"Norman didn't really have anything like this when we opened," Maruri said. "It shows that Norman residents really value education-oriented products."

Kumon, a 50-year-old Japanese company that operates in 46 countries, isn't tutoring, Maruri said, because children enrolled in the program don't work on course material they're covering in school.

"Our goal is to have them working above grade level," he said. "Because they're actually ahead of schedule, it is easy for them. That's the cool thing about the program."

Kumon centers, which cover only math and reading, let participants work at their own pace, and Maruri said it's not unusual to see children ranging from 3 to 17 years old sitting next to each other working on completely different materials.

"We use a mix of teaching tools, for sure," he said. "It's a highly individualized program."

Maruri said there are more than 1,200 Kumon centers nationwide, including six in Oklahoma City and four in Tulsa, and that many of them would be happy to serve 200 students after being open for a few years. He said his location serves 250.

"We've been very blessed so far to grow at a very healthy pace, despite the recession," Maruri said. "Many Kumon centers nationwide have actually seen a decline in their enrollment."

(For the rest of the article, please click here.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Motivational Monday

"Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure."

Napoleon Hill
Author, Think and Grow Rich

Friday, January 15, 2010

Update on My Goal of 150 Kumon Students by June

November 2009: 119 students

December 2009: 128 students

WOW! December is historically a slow month, but this year proved to be different. We were crazy busy. No complaints here, though :-)

The New Year is off to a great start!

Be amazing~
~~~Miss Anne

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Search for a Student Coordinator

As my Kumon Math & Reading Center continues to grow, I am faced with the challenge of creating a new staff position (Student Coordinator) and then finding the right person to fill it.

So... I posted the following ad on Craig's List on Monday night at 10:00pm:

Kumon Math & Reading Center of Rio Rancho is currently accepting applications for the position of “Student Coordinator”. The primary functions of this part-time, entry-level position include all front office duties (student check-in, answering phones, parent communication, data entry) and worksheet management, as well as some community outreach opportunities.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
-a professional appearance and demeanor
-a friendly and positive attitude
-a commitment to both education and customer service
-strong communication skills with both children and adults
-unwavering attention to detail
-the ability to multi-task and work independently
-a willingness to learn about the Kumon program
-the patience of a Saint
-a sense of humor

Applicants for this position must be available to work on Mondays from 3:00-8:00, Wednesdays from 1:30-7:30, and Saturdays from 10:30-2:30. Additional hours may become available after training.

Applicants must be able to pass a complete background check.

Compensation: $8.00/hour

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to xxxxxx at xxxx dot com. Applications will accepted through January 13, 2010.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

OK. I originally had an end date of January 22, but I had to change it. Why? By 10:00pm the next night I had TWENTY-TWO resumes in my inbox!!!

I'm glad that that so many people are interested in working at my Center. I am hopeful that the "just right" candidate in somewhere in the mix. But, goodness! It's like going into a 31-Flavors and having to choose only one scoop of ice cream...

Conducting interviews is NOT on my list of favorite things to do, but I know it is an important part of running my business. I will be sorting through the resumes this weekend and will be conducting interviews next week. I'll keep you posted on the process.

Do something amazing today~
~~~Miss Anne

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Parents Continue to Invest in Education - Kumon Ranked #1 Tutoring Franchise

Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Kumon No. 1 Tutoring Franchise

TEANECK, N.J.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Kumon, the world’s largest after-school education company, ranks No. 1 in the tutoring category in Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list for the ninth consecutive year. The company attracts entrepreneurs with a desire to help children unlock their full potential so they can achieve more on their own. Kumon plans to open 200 new centers across the country this year.

“Kumon parents often make the best franchisees”
“Kumon parents often make the best franchisees,” says Mr. Hideki Kusuzawa, president of Kumon North America. “They experience the value of the program and decide Kumon is a smart business opportunity.”

For the first time in the company’s history, enrollment in the first cycle of training at Kumon University increased by 75 percent. Many of these candidates left the corporate world seeking a more rewarding career helping children. Kumon is an ideal business for those seeking flexibility. The center is usually open two or three times a week during after-school hours, and other than class times and monthly trainings, the full-time work schedule is determined by the business owner.

Kumon franchisees must have a four-year college degree, be proficient in math and reading and have an investment capital of $50,000 and a net-worth of at least $150,000. Strong communication skills, strong business acumen and a belief that all children can reach their full potential and study advanced materials independently are essential to running a successful Kumon franchise. The total investment to begin operation of a center ranges from $32,958 to $131,070, which includes the $1,000 franchise fee and $1,000 materials fee.

Market Trends and Kumon Expansion Plans:
The Mid-Atlantic region is the fastest growing area in the United States with a 12 percent growth rate. In 2009, 10 new centers opened, half of those were in the District of Columbia suburbs. The region continues to expand, with seven trainees scheduled to open centers in 2010. The candidates are primarily Kumon mothers who see the value of the program and want to help children in their communities. In Charlotte, North Carolina, 100 percent of the openings were former banking managers seeking a more rewarding career.

The Southwest continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the last 18 months, Kumon opened 12 new centers in the region contributing to a significant growth in enrollment. The newest centers to open in Sandy, Utah, and Aurora, Colorado have grown at the fastest rate of any centers in Kumon’s history and are the top performing new centers in North America. Utah continues to be a state with enormous potential with only two centers.

Southern California also continues to grow. In the last few months, three new centers opened in the San Fernando Valley and nine new centers will open in the Los Angeles area this year. The candidates are from a variety of backgrounds including medicine, information technology and finance.

Layoffs are helping Kumon find more candidates in Northern California and Nevada. In the last three years, 22 franchisees entered the Kumon system. Sacramento and Marin Counties have enormous potentials for growth, including in Corte Madera, Fairfax, Novato and Mill Valley. Carson City and Washoe County are prime locations for opening Kumon Centers.

In the Northwest, successful moms with young children are leaving corporate careers with long commutes and traditional working schedules for the freedom of owning their own business with flexible hours. These women come from different backgrounds in finance, engineering, teaching and the Air Force, but they all share a passion for children and helping their communities. In the past five years, the Northwest has opened 13 centers and has aggressive expansion plans to open in North and South Sound and Spokane, Washington and Boise, Idaho.

In the Midwest, a different trend is emerging. Recently, five Kumon fathers opened centers. The franchisees came from the legal and engineering fields, and were seeking a new challenging career. In 2009, six franchises opened in Illinois and this number is expected to double in 2010. Aggressive expansion plans are underway in Minneapolis as the market shows tremendous potential.

The Northeast is the second fastest growing area with a 6.66 percent growth rate. Four years ago, Kumon had only opened two new centers north of Boston but in 2009, the company opened four new centers. The franchisees are all Kumon parents with backgrounds in education or engineering, with a strong desire to help society as well as their own children’s development. New Jersey recently opened two new centers and has seven candidates in training. The franchisees are parents with engineering or technology backgrounds, who want to open a business that will benefit the community.

In the South, new trainees influenced by the slow economy are opening centers to help children and pursue their lifetime dream of being their own boss. Arkansas is an emerging market for those who aspire to work with children. Centers opened in Little Rock, Fort Smith, Bentonville and Lowell and a new center will open in Fayetteville. There are opportunities for five more centers in the Little Rock area. Texas is also a growing market with 20 trainees already scheduled to open in 2010. Just in 2009, five centers opened in Houston and four in Dallas. San Antonio also shows enormous potential.

Hawaii has the strongest U.S. brand awareness and market penetration at 5.4 percent. The greatest opportunity for expansion is in Kauai. Hawaii is a bit different from the mainland in that centers are allowed to open in schools or other non-commercial locations making it an even more economically feasible franchise opportunity.

Kumon currently has 1,600 franchises in the United States, Canada and Mexico and more than 500 employees in 20 North American cities. Parents interested in learning more about Kumon can contact 1-800-ABC-MATH, and those interested in learning more about Kumon’s franchise opportunities can contact: 1-866-633-0740 or visit

About Kumon Math and Reading Centers
Kumon [Koo-mon] is an after-school math and reading program that unlocks the potential of children so they can achieve more on their own. The learning method uses a systematic individualized approach that helps children develop a solid command of math and reading skills. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students increase confidence, improve concentration and develop better study skills. Kumon has 26,000 Kumon Centers in 46 countries and more than four million students studying worldwide.

Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list is the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Kumon ranked No. 12 overall in the list of 500 franchises evaluated.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Amazing Idea for Kumon Awards Ceremonies

Recently, I came across the blog of a fellow Kumon Instructor from Ontario, Canada. While she shares a wealth of information about the Kumon Method and tips for student success in the program, what blew me away was the creativity she used in having her students design their own medals for her Awards Ceremonies! Take a look...

Click here to see pictures of medals using the Kumon Thinking Face.

Click here for more examples of inspirational medals and trophies painted by Kumon Students.
Don't you love this idea? Thank you, Mrs. Sanjit Kaur, for sharing your awards with us. This is definately a creative and wonderful way to begin my 2010 blog posts!
Be amazing~
~~~Miss Anne